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Wrongful imprisonment sheds light on slow justice

KARACHI – Asma Nawab spent two decades in jail, wrongfully accused of murdering her family. Finally acquitted, she is seeking a new life, free from whispers and memories, as her plight draws fresh questions over Pakistan’s woeful justice system. Nawab was just 16 years old when someone slit the throats of her parents and only […]

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A Baloch Man Has Had His Eyes Gouged Out

In a gruesome reminder that men, too, can be brutally punished for honor — a Baloch man has had his eyes gouged out by his father and his four bothers. Abdul Baqi’s only crime was to propose to a young woman of his own choice. Naturally, there are fears for her safety. Abdul is now […]

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Pakistan impresses on most global parameters

To brand the country as a failure by a section of the western media is a mistake that stands out as an example of a sorry stereotype. Pakistan — whose fate became inexplicably intertwined with the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979 at the urgings of the United States and a country that since […]

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