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 WORLD WATER DAY March 22,2010.

Venue:   Community Hall,  Social Welfare Department T-Chowk Khanewal

THE NGO WORLD  team celebrate WORLD WATER DAY by arranging CLEAN WATER CONFERENCE with collaboration of;

  • Welfare Agency for Socio-Economic Betterment Khanewal-WASEB

  • Geo-Pak Volunteers Organization Khanewal

  • Social Welfare Department Khanewal

The purpose of the conference was to;

  • Highlight the issues regarding []

  • Describe the relationship between water and health

  • Highlight the efforts and achievements regarding provision of clean water to the community by different departments and organizations

  • Establish a network of contacts of other people interested to support the cause of clean water availability

  • To prepare an collective & effective strategy

Following were the main presenters and speakers;

  1. Mr. Zafar Iqbal (moderator THE NGO WORLD). who was also the chief organizer of the conference highlighted the issues concerning safe drinking water, Its impact on health and strategies to overcome these issues.

  2. Dr Usman Yunas (president Geo-pak volunteers organization) discussed efforts and achievements of his organization regarding elimination of water pollution.

  3. Mr. Irfan ul Haq Shah (president WASEB) mentioned various options for filtration and treatment of drinking water. He also demonstrated the Biosand Water Filter technology.

  4. Mr. Imtiaz Ali Asad (Renowned Journalist) emphasized that community should also play her role to tackle the problem.

  5. Mr. Muhammad Arif advocate (chairman The national foundation) appreciated the effort and asked to NGO sto raise awareness regarding this serious issue.

  6. Rao Akram khurran Advocate (human Right Activist) said that only govt can improve the situation so our govt should realize the situation and make efforts for the solution of problem of clean drinking water.

  7. Mrs. Nighat Mughal (Chairman SAIBAN) supported the technology of Biosand water filter and asked NGOs to offer their support for promotion of this precious technology.

  8. Ch Maqsood Ahmad (District Officer Social Welfare) said that NGOs should focus the issue and participate in those efforts which govt has started to solve the problem of safe drinking water. They should raise awareness among community and especially students.

Chief organizer: 



mail@ngoworldpk. com