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European Commission Call for Funding Proposals


The European Commission is seeking proposals for projects in Pakistan
that will focus on " Improving the provision of water and Sanitation Service"
deliver to the communities in NWFP & Balochistan.
Max. Funding Amount = 750,000 EURO
Min. Funding Amount  = 500,000 EURO
Interested applicants of NWFP & Balochistan should submit the
concept notes latest by 12th April 2010.
For the preparation of concept notes, contact us as soon as possible.
Our charges for the preparation of concept note is: Rs. 15,000 Only
Our charges for the preparation of project proposal depends on the
Minimum and Maximum Funding Amount.
If your project will under  500,000 EURO, We shall charge Rs. 80,000/-
If your project Proposal will around 750,000 EURO, we shall charge Rs. 140,000/-
For more details, feel free to contact us
Hammad Yousuf, Managing Director
Cell: 0323-5221376

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