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We take great pleasure to inform  you for 2 - day international conference on safe drinking water to be held on 28 th-29th July, 2010 at NIBAF Hall H-8, Islamabad . The conference is titled as “SAVE WATER - SAVE LIFE” 


Although safe drinking water is a basic requirement of human beings, yet majority of the people are not aware of its importance. In-spite of the fact that access to safe drinking water plays a crucial role in over all socio-economic development of a country, it is one of the most neglected sector. Mostly, people in our region don’t have concept of safe drinking water and continue to consume unsafe water leading to intestinal and others water born diseases. They don’t know how to make it fit for drinking purpose when they have access only to un- hygienic drinking water. What are the simple and traditional methods for collection, treatment, and storage of water? What is the current state of access to safe drinking water for general population in Pakistan ? Although the role of relevant Government organizations is clear, yet its benefits don’t pass-on to the masses. The purpose of this conference is to enhance awareness among the people about clean and safe drinking water issues and to prepare a kit for the drinking water facility and issues for the country. 


To achieve this objective  Helping Hand for Relief and Development an International non profit organization with the technical collaboration of  Earthquake, Technology, Social Survey, Research Centre (ETSSR) and  Pakistan Engineers Forum has organized a conference to learn the experience of national and international experts in the field. 


Prominent scholars and guests from USA, Bangladesh , Sri Lanka, Indonesia  and Nepal are participating in the conference and will share their experience in areas relating to safe drinking water practices. The conference will provide a great opportunity to learning and acquisition of knowledge and of national and international professionals and researchers in this field. 


Kindly submit your interest on   for formal invitation.(Entries are restricted with invitation only.)