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Women MPs unhappy with ‘convention’  


ISLAMABAD: Being critical of the objectives and expected outcomes of National Convention for Women Parliamentarians, some female parliamentarians preferred to stay away.  


Marvi Memon of Muslim League-Q told Daily Times: “While cases of violence against women are on the rise in  Pakistan, we, the women parliamentarians, are not allowed to raise voice for women caucus. It (convention) is walking and talking club of VVIPs and I do not want to be a part of it.”  


Referring to involvement of some elected representatives in sheltering accused of torturing women, Marvi said that ‘we should walk against such rulers’.  


“There are some rulers who cover up or patronage culprits. It’s time to walk against rather than sit with them or debate consensus declarations with them,” she said.  


PML-N’s Anusha Rehman, who could not make it to the convention due to illness of her father, said she does not believe in ‘gender-specific’ caucus in the parliament.  


“Men and women are equal partners in this universe. So, I do not believe in segregated and gender specific groups in parliament. As a legislature, I feel, women should not isolate themselves by forming separate groups. On the contrary, they should take part in the mainstream and work for the society as a whole,” she said adding that all the parliamentary caucuses should be apolitical to be able to think above the party line. 




Source: Daily Times (May 26, 2010)