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Abaseen  Social Welfare Organization   

To work for the  Sustainable development in  rural and urban areas. 



ASWO stand for Abaseen Social Welfare Organization, it is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit organization founded in 2000 and registered under Social Welfare Voluntary Organization Act: 1961 with Directorate of Social Welfare  Community Development Department Government of NWFP Peshawar.ASWO having intensive socio-economic, working experience in the village Kharkai of Tehsil Dargai 28 Union Councils of Malakand Agency are the target areas of the organization. The organization was established in by a group of energetic youngster representing the both sexes of District Malakand. The organization has been working , since its inception, on different sectors of social development focusing on Health, Education,  Women and children Development, Drugs, Local Government, Community Infrastructure and Environment  for the betterment of the poor and needy people of the area through their active participation on help self basis and with collaboration of various donors. This organization is based on the code of conduct that it is non-profit, on-sectarian and works with all the poor without any discrimination of caste and creed, Gender and area biases. Following are some sectors on which this organization preferentially works.
The main objective of the establishment of organization is involve and assist them in   development process also research is the important tool for to knows the root causes of the problems which help in sustainable development.


Abaseen Social Welfare Organization
Village Kharkai Post office Dargai,
District: Malakand, NWFP
Phone: 0932- 552310 Fax No: 0932 331542
Mob:  03018191305