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Al-Falah Health Organization-PAKISTAN


1.    Name of NGO:_______Al-falah Health Organization ®  

2.    Postal Address:33 Faisal Town Sillanwali         __ Sargodha                 Punjab

3.   Year of establishment: ___2003____________

4.   Registration with.  _Social welfare departmentRegistration No. & \Date:DOSW(SGD)2003-27  Dated 9 dec 2003 

5.   Focal Person : Ehsan Ullah Malik ( President )

Contact No:92 300 6036800 Email :

Web :  

6. Introduction, background and rationale:

 AHO is working for awareness for social Development in the field of health for all, PHC/RH/FP/HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis anti -narcotic campaign, Tuberculosis (TB), environment activities with specific emphasis on control and prevention training and capacity building for different groups in the community. Awareness and education in the above mentioned field to create responsibility for community and for family is at top priority on agenda. The organization has established linkages with health institutions for early referral and for reducing neo-natal, infant, child, mortality in collaboration and coordination with community. Awareness raising health education on EPI,MCH/FP/ Reproductive health, Anti-narcotics activities for youth are one of major program for creating awareness, raising to appropriate center for treatment and rehabilitation

·         MNCH

·         Awareness campaign for drinking water

·         Trainings for capacity building

·         Primary health care ( Awareness campaign against fatal diseases )

·         Community rural primary schools

·         SKILL development Center for women ( Gender Empowerment)

·         Peace through interfaith dialogue

·         Agri services

·          Advocacy for the achievement of MDGs

Though government is being providing these services in these area, but due to shortage of qualified and lack of compressive skill and unavailability’s of road public could not get medical facilities and awareness, COs, /CBO,s and health groups of this organization are already functional and communities members are committed and sensitize. The purpose of this project is to influence and improve Family Planning policy and practice through its support for quality research and effective advocacy.  However, there is considerable scope for learning in the public sector and civil society in these area for effective advocacy can be contributed positively to policy reform and practice change.  This could be a fruitful area for advocacy activity.

Aims & objectives of NGO __ Providing basic health facilities (especially mother care) to the deprived rural community who belong to extremely low income groups and unskilled agricultural working class. Enhancing education facilities in rural areas with the objective to produce skilled labor and improve literacy rate. Promote human rights awareness in the illiterate masses in order to sensitize them to the seriousness of the issue and remind them of their long-forgotten basic rights. Support women development in the rural areas and discourage gender discrimination through concentrated efforts of public awareness. Aware people about fatal disease e (HIV/AIDS, Polio, Hepatitis, etc) arranging seminars & banners. Blood Bank (Free blood donation society) We intend to build a Trust Hospital for needy in future. We intend to work in general welfare fields and help government machinery in public welfare projects)


7.   Geographical Area of Operation/Activities: ____Rural and Urban tehsil Sillanwali Distt. Sargodha  

(Sillanwali tehsil is a back word area of Sargodha distt , located at jhang and chinot Border .

Population of this Tehsil is  141815 men    173330women    total 315145,

 25524 households.