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Ark & Advent Society

Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan
FP & RP, Environment & Community Development, Human Rights, Education, Poverty Alleviation related Activities, Gender, Women & Child rights and development.
Society is committed to take any action or activity necessary for the betterment of community and environment.
Mission statement
Developed Communities, Healthier People of all religions, genders & backgrounds and Safe Environment for all of us.
Society is committed to move communities out of poverty with education and available resources.
Society is running following three small projects without any assistance from any donor or agency;
I.      Supply & exchange of new and old/ used clothes, shoes and other items among poor, needy and ignored communities
II.      Breast Cancer Awareness
III.      Environmental and Climate Change Awareness
IV.      Disabled Persons Data Collection

How You Can Help

Resources and efforts with achievable objectives, result in ever lasting achievements. Your help and support are vital for achieving the objectives of the Society. We always consider Value For Money, so each single coin is spent prudently.
You can help the Society by; donating cash and goods, joining the Society as member, Supplying new and used items for poor and needy, volunteering, community networking, arranging material or bridging. 

Ark & Advent Society


Taj Garh, Tehsil & District Rahim Yar Khan (Please e-mail for postal address).
Tel:             0092-685019825      
Cell #             0092-3009676732