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Associação Cidadania Viva-Portugal

non-formal education, intercultural, youth participation and social inclusion issues at a regional level (Lisbon)

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Description= Associação Cidadania Viva (ACV) is a youth non profit organisation based in Amadora, Portugal. It was founded in April 1999 and has ever since been working on non-formal education, intercultural, youth participation and social inclusion issues at a regional level (Lisbon).

We are registered as a youth association at the IPJ (Portuguese Youth Institute) since 2000.
We work with young people from different geographical, cultural and social background with ages from 15 up to 30 years old.

Our mission is to empower young people through their ingenious and art, turning them into active citizens in their community in support of a sustainable development.

Address: Estrada Militar, 23-A, 2720-192 Damaia, Amadora Portugal