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Baidarie Sialkot  Pakistan


Organizational Profile




Baidarie is a non-government and non-profit organization which was established in 1993 by the rural women of UC Roras who were keen to work for the empowerment and development of the women of the area. It carries out its operations without having religious, lingual, political and social discriminations to motivate the rural communities, particularly women, to take an active part in the social developmental process. The organization strives hard to develop women into active, productive and dynamic citizens of the country.


Baidarie works in adherence to integrated holistic approach towards the development of deprived and marginalized sections of the society. It prefers to employ scientific techniques and non-traditional ways in its work. It lays out its policies and programmes in accordance with the solid ground realities and carries them out after necessary deliberations & consultations with the concerned communities.


Setting Up of Baidarie


The “Center for Literacy and Skills Training” set up by a group of social workers, in village Roras in 1991 proved to be an initiative for the movement aimed at improving the social consciousness & awareness among women of the area. It was a step towards the economic empowerment of women through skill training.


The main objective of setting up of “Center for Literacy and Skills Training” was to facilitate the access of women to their basic rights such as education, health, skill and job opportunities particularly for those who had never passed / crossed the threshold of their houses.  The group of girls who were ambitious to serve the deprived women of their area, organized seminars, discussions, training workshops, exposure visits and lectures to motivate them to build the capacity of underprivileged women for their empowerment and to enable them to become self reliant by earning some money through the skill achieved from the “Center for Literacy and Skills Training” 


This effort developed confidence among them and they decided to organize themselves in 1993 into a legal body under the name of “Baidarie”.


Demographic Setting:


It is head quarter of Union Council (UC) Roras which is the house of approximately 25,000 persons living in about 3,100 households in the following twenty two (22) villages.









Manak Chand Jattan


Manak Chand Araian


Jagat Pur


Dholo Bhilo


Chak Jainta




Mehat Pur




Mander Khurd


Mangu Behram


Rao Gahan


Mander Kothay




Sharif Pura


Kot Bhaga


Chak Malooka


Said Pur




Kot Chohda


Mander Syedan




The major proportion of the population of UC Roras comprises of tillers, field workers, artisans, factory workers, shopkeepers, laborers and low paid government employees. A large portion of the people survives below poverty line due to which they have indulged in many social, moral evils and corruption which further causes a number of sufferings and deprivations particularly for women.  The condition of roads and municipal and other civic amenities is also not satisfactory.


. Registration:


It is registered with the Social Welfare Department, Punjab vide certificate No. DDSW-GRW (Regd) / 2000-790 of 2000 under Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control Ordinance 1961


Basic Profile


1.       Name:                                         Baidarie Sialkot


2.       Type of Organization:                       NGO (Non Government Organization)


3.       Organizational Agenda:                    Human Development & Social Harmony


4.       Postal Address:                                   Village & P/O Roras, Tehsil Sambrial District Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan


5.       Head Office: Main office of Baidarie is located in village, Roras, which is eighteen kilometers awayfrom Sialkot city –world known Pakistani hub of sports goods, surgical and leather garments industry. Village Roras is situated on the west bank of Canal Upper Chenab. It is named after a Hindu Raja, Rod, who ruled over this area several hundreds years ago


6.       Phone  :                            0092-052-3505457


7.       Fax No.                               0092-052-3505156


8.       Web:                       


9.       E-mail:                     


10. Major Areas of Intervention:  Human/Women/Child Rights, Micro Finance, Enterprises Development, Health,Education, Women Adult Literacy, Solid Waste Management, Researches & Surveys, Linkages and Networking.


11.   Head of the NGO/Designation:            Ms. Hina Noureen-President


12.   Contact Person / Designation:             Arshid Mehmood Mirza- Executive Director


13.   General Body:                          32 Women+ 8 Men= 40 Members


14.   Executive Council:                                10  experts  in field s of social development, micro-finance and Finance

 & Accounts


15.   Staff Strength                                      26 (16 Male 10 Female)




Baidarie visualizes “An equitable society than can provide for institutionalized  guarantee of protection and promotion of all the  civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights to all, especially women.”




Issue sensitization and capacity-building of the stakeholders and establishment of  enabling channels for empowerment of the marginalized groups to take sustained collective actions to address poverty, ignorance, disease, violence, coercion, injustice and discrimination.




·           To develop the common people into well informed, assertive and responsible citizens, especially rural women, so that they can make better choices and decisions for their lives. 

·            To provide resources for economic development of women to bring them into mainstream of social and economic development.

·           To strengthen women by  improving  their   participation  in local decision- making  and policy-making and local socio-political structures

·          To developing Baidarie as a viable and sustainable institution, offering quality services to rural women in Sialkot District.



Core Values


1.       Respect to democratic process and upholding democratic values in all spheres of society and organization


2.       Work towards peaceful solutions of problems facing people especially marginalized groups


3.       Equal opportunities for all, without discriminating them on the basis of caste, gender, religion, language, ethnicity or class.


4.       Affirmative action for social, economic and political empowerment of women, especially those living in rural areas.


5.       Culturally sensitive development planning


6.       Environment as a standard for all actions


Areas of Intervention


1.       Human Development & Enhancement of Social Harmony


2.       Empowerment of Women


3.       Reduction in Gender Based Discriminations & Violence


4.       Micro Financing & Enterprise Development


5.       Health & Hygiene


6.       Education & Adult Literacy


7.       Improvement in Governance practices




1.       To promote and protect human rights, especially rights of women and children


2.       To provide credit to people, groups or community organizations for poverty alleviation, with or without any guarantee, on such terms and conditions as would be in the interest of the organization.


3.       To provide preventive, reproductive and curative health care services to the people, especially women and children


4.       To create efficient, transparent, credible and accountable governing structures and processes where women are actively participating in local decision making and policy-making and structures


5.       To meet the immediate needs, the organization with the prior approval of the Executive Body will, on and off, be able to get the money on loan from any bank or financial institution.


6.       To obtain gifts, donations, credits, movable and immovable property from government, governmental institutions, corporations, companies or people for one or all of the objectives of the organization


7.       To develop Baidarie as a viable and sustainable institution offering rights-based, holistic and integrated interventions to raise the standards of living of the people of Sialkot District, especially women and children




1.       Awareness raising & Social Mobilization


2.       Group Formation & capacity building


3.       Public dialogues, debates and consultations


4.       Policy Analysis and Advocacy


5.       Information generation, collection &  dissemination



Organizational Methodology:


Baidarie believes in participatory and inclusive approach of interventions and tries to secure the collaboration and cooperation of all the stakeholders to make the developmental activities meaningful and purpose-oriented. The methodology is characterized by the following steps:


1.       Interaction with Communities


2.       Reconnaissance Survey, Situation Analysis


3.        Identification and Prioritization of Problems


4.       Development of Programme/Projects and Implementation


5.       Monitoring and Evaluation


6.       Future planning on the basis of lessons learnt



Completed Projects




Funding Agency /Donor


Adult Literacy Center for Women 

SAP-PK (1991-1993)


Skill training Center for women Roras

SAP-PK & Local Resources (1991-2007)


Primary Education and Preventive Health Programme in Rural Sialkot.



Women Social Consciousness and Capacity Building Programme

SAP-PK( 1999-2000)


Socio-economic empowerment Programme of Stitcher women in Union Council Roras Tehsil Sialkot. 

SCF– UK Phase – I, Dec 1998 to Nov 99Phase – II May 2000 to March 2001


Women Social Consciousness and Capacity Building Programme – Consolidation Phase

SAP-PK (2001- Nov)


Sanitation, Water , Environmental Education & Technology Project



Universal Primary Education Programme-Sialkot

Unicef  (199-2003)


Adult Literacy Programme(46 Centers)

District Govt Sialkot(2002)


Awareness raising against child labor in hazardous professions

UNICEF (1999to  2002)


Vocational Training(46 Centers)

District Govt Sialkot(2003)


Early Childhood Care & Development(ECCD)

UNICEF ( 2002 to  2003)



UNICEF (2002 to  2003)


Training of 15 CHWs and establishment of referral services

TVO (2002 – 2003)


Registration at Birth

Unicef ( 2002 to 2003)


Universal Primary Education Programme Attock

NCHD  (2003 – 2004)


Awareness Raising of the stakeholders in  the soccer ball industry about the menace of child labor

ILO-IPEC ( 2002 -2003)


District Health Care Programme

ILO-IPEC ( 2003 -2004)


Girl Child Rights Protection Programme

DFID (2003 to  2004)


94 Female Centers of Women Adult Literacy in Sialkot

NCHD 2004 – 2005


Evolving a model of a transparent, efficient and accountable governance structure in UC Roras Tehsil Sialkot

NPSO-DSP (15 Jan 2005-14 July 2005)


Relief Measures of affectees of the earth quake

Local Resource Mobilization (2005)


Research on impacts of globalization on peasant women

SAP-PK (2007)


Evolving Model of Social Deterrence against Extreme acts of Violence against Women

British High Commission  (April  2005 –Mar 2006)


Up-gradation of Haji Ashiq Hussain Mirza Hospital & Maternity Home Roras

Global Fund for Women(Nov 2005-Oct 2006


Capacity Building of Local Councilors

National Democratic Institute Islamabad ( March to Sept 2006)


Evolving of Social Deterrence against extreme acts of women against women

EC-EIDHR Islamabad. March 2006-August 2007)


Monitoring of CCB Mobilization




Solid Waste Management- Roras Sanitation Programme

Local Resources- (2004-2008)


Project Cycle Management Training to 87 CCBs

DTCE- 2008


Reduction in violence on women

Shirkat Gah, British High Commission, CIDA-PAGE Islamabad (2000-08)


Employability Project

ASK Development Consultants-RSPN (2008)


Relief measures for IDPs in NWFP

Local Resource Mobilization (2009)


Development of Human Rights Culture in District Sialkot (in 50 selected Union Councils out of total 124 Union Councils in Four Tehsils of District Sialkot)



Research on foot ball industry in Sialkot

Copenhagen business school


Project in process



Project Title

Partners / Donors



Self help


Haji Ashiq Hussain Mirza Memorial Hospital and Maternity Home Roras

CIDA-PSU (2000) Islamabad+ Local resources 2001-till-to-date)

Ambulance Service

Local Resources



Provision of micro-credits/capacity Building of communities

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund Islamabad


Social Mobilization and Capacity Building of Communities



Organizational Strengths


1.       Dedicated leadership


2.       Well defined vision, mission & objectives, Policies and SOPs, strategic plan for the next five years.


3.       Permanent Office and needed equipment


4.       Locally trained gender-balanced dedicated staff. The team is:


a.       Adequately skilled and experienced after facilitating formation of groups, mobilizing people to do regular savings, handling micro-credit and recoveries.

b.       Equipped with well defined field management strategies and internal control procedures for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

c.        Well experienced in imparting trainings on Community Management Skills, live stock & dairy development, technical & vocational training and several others to its clientele.

d.       Trained in Portfolio management, financial management, TOT on CMST, Computer skills & social mobilization & TOT on Standardized Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System, Gender & Development and TOT on Enterprise Development.


5.       15 Years experience in executing right based schemes


6.       Sophisticated Management Information System to handle credit operations.


7.       Satisfactorily organized Finance & Accounts Department


8.       Human rights violations reporting desk and responding system


9.       Research and documentation


10.   Publications


11.   Communication and Transport facilities


Finance and Accounts:


1.       Maintenance of Organizational Accounts on Double Entry system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.


2.       The accounts are audited by a recognized firm of Chartered Accountants appointed annually by the General Body of Baidarie.



Networking and Membership



1.       Membership of Group of 50 CSOs in District Sialkot for Peacemaking, Conflict Resolution and Provision of Service to Survivors of Violence

2.       Membership with ROZAN working for rehabilitation of survivors of violence

3.       Advisory membership in Tehsil Sambrial Municipal Committee

4.       Membership of Homenet Pakistan working for home based workers

5.       Advisory membership of District Women Crisis Center working under Federal Govt.

6.       Board membership of Mercy Corpe in District Sialkot

7.       Membership of Punjab Micro Finance Network

8.       Membership of Women Leaders Group in District Sialkot Established by Aurat Foundation


Future Plans


1.       Social, Economic & Political Empowerment of Women


2.       Micro Financing & Capacity Building of Communities


3.       Prevention of violence against women,  children & religious minorities


4.       Fostering Culture of Human Rights in Sialkot


5.       Promotion of facilities for quality education.


6.       Provision of facilities for preventive and curative health.