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Our Vision 

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMET SOCIETY vision is to empower people at the grassroots level by strengthening the sense of Self -help, Self-reliance and sense of ownership without any kind of discrimination and distinction of gender, ethnicity or religion; and to bring about a character and spirit of unity and understanding and recognition of all communities (including the poor, the disabled and the marginalized and vulnerable) as they are part of the nations and this world.

Our Mission 

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMET SOCIETY Mission is to contribute profusely to the process of establishing and building peaceful, development, Educational and just societies in Pakistan by working for and with poor communities.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMET SOCIETY' strategy is to demonstrate and advocate a model Community Based Development approach ( Right Based approach and Participatory approach) and centralized Program concept, which could become national policy, through adaptation of such approach by other agencies or, when possible, national government programs.

This will be done by transferring knowledge and awareness at local and national levels, the provision of necessary, appropriate and accessible services and development process, coordinating and networking with all national, regional and international organizations and agencies working in mobilization, rehabilitation and development process.



COMMUNITY DEVELOPMET SOCIETY’ goal is to improve the life standard of poor people and other extremely vulnerable individuals, and to promote and facilitate peace, social justice and solidarity which will lead to integration of these people as active members of their respective communities and societies, which will be acceptable to local, national and international mechanisms.



The overall objective of COMMUNITY DEVELOPMET SOCIETY is to widen the process of effective mobilization, rehabilitation and development for the poor and disadvantaged people in general. Provide real opportunities and choices for personal welfare, by ensuring that, as much as possible through community-driven efforts, they benefit from mainstream development and participate in community activities.



Organization immediate objectives:


Objective 1

To establish a network of trained field workers capable of providing appropriate mobilization, rehabilitation and development services and training through a community based approach, which include PBA (participatory base approach) & RBA. (Risk base Approach)


Objective 2

To mobilize local communities to take responsibility and strengthened ownership for their rehabilitation, livelihood and development process of their communities.


Objective 3

To intervene in environment and livelihood of the poorest communities by conserving of biodiversity and developing their local means of income generation,


Objective 4

To provide curative and preventive health services to the vulnerable communities by establishing primary health units and community awareness through health education, in order to decrease the mortality and morbidity rates.


Objective 5

Provisions of Primary and Secondary education for school aged girls and boys and Vocational Training Programs for adult women, Single Mothers, and Mother and Child care for the communities so that the women also become the active bread winners in the struggle to overcome poverty.


Objective 6

To ensure water and sanitary programs, in order to make safe drinking water available and accessible to the communities and to educate them about the wastage and conservation of water;

Provisions of safe disposal of solid waste and hygiene education will be applied, in order to decrease the rate of dieses arising from un-hygienic conditions surrounding households and communities.


Objective 7

To strengthen capacities communities and community-based organizations willing to formulate a comprehensive long term rehabilitation program, social integration, and sustainable development strategy in consultation with all stakeholders in development sector for human resources development at grass root level for poverty reduction.


Objective 8

To provide Orthopedic and physiotherapy services for the disabled and to provide them with Vocational Training programs, Home Based Training and Employment support and to impart education in the field of physiotherapy and orthopedics.


Objective 9

Through advocacy and Vocational Training to enhance awareness of the refugees and the Internally displaced  and the returnees on both sides in order to achieve an appropriate and successful repatriation of these people to their native country or in case of IDP’s to their communities.

Objective 10

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMET SOCIETY will also provide relief assistance to the victims of natural disasters.

Contact Person                                        Ghulam Muhammad

Director for CDS

Contact Detail                                         Cell 0345 8390039

Flat No. 5, Dubai tower Plaza,

                                                                  Sadiq Shaheed Road, Quetta

                                                                  Ph: No. 081 2661211

                                                                  Fax -     081 2661211



Registration Status                                  Social welfare agencies ordinance1961



CDS is an NGO working in Balochistan, for the Afghan Refugees, Host Community and IDPs in the field of Camp Managements, water Sanitation, Distribution of Food and NFIs, Construction, Infrastructure, Educational Projects, Women Activities, Gender Issues, Health Services, Drilling of deep wells, drilling of wells in hard formation with rotary rigs, consultancy of projects, water surveys, community awareness and capable to implement the projects in any area of work in Balochistan and can perform quick response to any natural or human made disaster.

Basically we have implemented the projects with community for the charity purpose, renovation of school site in Haji Ghaibi road, Drilling of deep bore hole for school site, free medical camps for poor communities, consultancy of Quality Assurance Skill Training for Afghan women trainees working with CRS for their Income Generating Projects.



·         Environmental & Infrastructure

·         Health

·         Education

·         Disaster Response

·         Human Rights

·         Income Generating projects

·         Training and workshops

CDS was established by a committed group of social activists. They already worked with different National and International Organizations. And they have decided to work for the people in Pakistan.

Came across the other areas related to the development of Balochistan With in a short span of time, the organization started working in Environment & Infrastructure, Education, Disaster Response and Promotion of Human Rights. Throughout its journey the organization has enjoyed the support of relevant stakeholders and government department which has played a significant role in the overall achievements of the organization.

Set up by a group of committed individuals, bringing over a decade of experience in working in the development sector, Community Development Society (CDS) is a dynamic organization which recognizes the practical constrains communities face while developing them. It also draws its strength form the through understanding of the culture and local context of communities in different areas of Balochistan. We don’t believe in “One size fits all’: innovation & Customization are our keys to success.


Core Program/Thematic areas 

WATSAN: (Water & Sanitation) 

Environment, Community Physical Infrastructure and Water are the main neglected areas of Balochistan which needs special attention. Thus the WATSAN program of CDS was launched in 2008. Being potentially needs based; it is now the core program of CDS, and we have specialized water engineer to look after the WATSAN program. And share its experience with other co partners also. Drilling of deep wells, drilling in hard formation, Provision of Community Physical Infrastructure, Drinking Water Supply Schemes, Water management, distribution of sanitation materials, construction of VIP Latrines, construction and management of emergency sanitation work, and Sanitation Schemes on sustainable basis in rural areas and urban suburbs of Balochistan is the prime objective of this program while conservation of natural resources is the corner stone of all intervention.