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Ecogreen Society was established as a Non-Governmental Organization under The Societies Act 1860. It was established to work on the field of environment with specific emphasis on public awareness by disseminating scientific knowledge to the vulnerable citizens.

Ecogreen Society was established in 2000, with the vision of socio-economic welfare and protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of the environment, prevention and control of pollution and promotion of sustainable development. 


1.       To provide for the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of the environment and to promote sustainable development.

2.       To mobilize the resources for socio economic improvement in the country.

3.       To create environmental awareness and conscious among the people of Pakistan.

4.       To suggest and persuade Government and Governmental Agencies to implement environmental law and Environmental Justice and Equity in true spirit and letter.

5.       To promote research in the field of environment.

6.       To get better terms and conditions elevation.

7.       To publish environmental literature and make it available to the public at nominal cost.

8.       To cooperate with Governmental Organization and NGOs working in the field of Environment and socio-economic.

9.       To bring prosperity and well being to the country and society at large by adding value through environmental awareness.


·         Love for nature

·         Respect and care for community of life

·         Ecological integrity

·         Social, economic and environmental justice

·         Sustainable development

·         Pollution free society.


Ecogreen Society is a major force in educating the public about the causes, consequences and solutions to environmental problems. We actively promote environmental awareness in the country. Ecogreen Society is looking forward to work with International organizations such as UNEP, IUCN, UNDP, GEF, JICA etc.



Mr. Akhtar. H. Awan,


Ecogreen Society-Pakistan,

233 Riwaz Garden, Lahore.

Tel: +92 42 7352989, +92 42 7115518

Mobile: 0322-8483000, 0300-4475282

Fax: +92 42 37352989