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Sector: Poverty Alleviation

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(Head office)
D-58 Ghazikot Township, Mansehra, N.W.F.P Pakistan

Contact Person:
Javed Iqbal
Executive Director


Friends Welfare Association (Friends Pakistan) is a non governmental, not for profit, non political and development oriented organization operational in N.W.F.P Pakistan. Friends Pakistan has been designing and implementing community driven innovative approaches to development. Friends Pakistan strongly believes in community participation as a key factor in the development. It is strongly committed towards the wellbeing of the communities surrounded by the widespread ignorance, poverty, multiple social backwardness, financial and educational problems. It believes in the uplift of communities through harnessing their own potentials developing linkages with relevant line agencies and building their capacities. The interventions made so far by Friends Pakistan are totally owned by the local communities and the Government of Pakistan.


A Caring Community in which every human has a precious life of equal values that respect freedom, equality and social harmony.


To help educate, motivate and empower the communities to eradicate poverty and sufferings with special focus on development of vulnerable communities through capacity building, policy research, sensitizing policy makers and providing access to basic services with  holistic, participatory and gender balanced approach.


  • To enhance literacy especially in rural and disaster prone areas.

  • To Empower communities with special focus on women & youth through group formation, capacity building and networking

  • To undertake policy level advocacy and conduct research on related themes and design appropriate interventions.

  • To provide access to basic health, improve functioning of existing services and hygiene education through community€™s mobilization and participation

  • Facilitate mechanisms which promote tolerance, social harmony and peace in society.

  • To empower youth and promote indigenous leadership so that they become a source of real change in local communities

  • To develop the basic Community Infrastructure for bringing improvement in their standard of living.

  • To develop the means of sustainable livelihood for the target communities through Skill development and extension of the services of microfinance