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Head Way Company Profile

Mission Statement

To bring visible improvement in individual lives and organizations through providing best possible Learning and Self Development opportunities leading towards prosperity and success.


Vision Statement

A considerably improved motivated and dedicated Pakistani workforce delivering consistent quality results

The company

Headway is a dynamic and ever improving training organization with the mission of elevating the talents of people to reach their full potential and live a life of fulfillment. Headway is created for the sole purpose of bringing positive change in the lives of people and organizations through continuous learning and self development. The company intends to offer training courses in the six core areas that is the dire need of every large, medium-size and small businesses and of every working professional as well, through reputed and respected Learning Specialists (Trainers). 

Constantly evolving and ever changing business environment offers more and more challenges to maintain a productive and efficient workforce. This changing, dynamic and challenging environment, results in the ever growing need for a highly skilled, trained, motivated and engaged workforce. The biggest challenge companies’ facing these days is to attract, retain, motivate and engage the best quality employees and top performers. How do you build and maintain that employee capability within the organization is the biggest challenge of current times? At Headway it is our strong belief that continuous learning and self development are the keys through which all of the above objectives are met. Enhanced employee capability, productivity, motivation and skill building are the direct fruits of good training programs.

Organizations that are aware of the benefits of training invest good money on their employees’ development. American Society of Training and Development estimates that U.S. organizations spent $134.39 billion on employee learning and development in 2007. This amount reflects direct learning expenditures such as the learning function's staff salaries, administrative learning costs, and non-salary delivery costs (including outsourced activities). Nearly two-thirds of the U.S. total ($83.62 billion) was spent on the internal learning function, such as staff salaries and internal development costs. The remainder ($50.77 billion) was allocated to external services such as workshops, vendors and external events. (Source:

Learning Units

Headway focuses on six major areas of work or Learning units.

1)               Self Development / Motivational / Soft Skills Training

2)               Career Planning and Development

3)               Employability Skills

4)               Meet the Expert Program

5)               Training for Professionals

6)               Executive English

1)        Self Development / Motivational / Soft Skills Training

                      The very tagline of Headway suggests that working on yourself and for your own development is the key to all success and living a life of fulfillment, prosperity and success. Under this section we will be offering courses purely for professionals to improve their own development leading to increased motivations and master skill set.

2)        Career Planning and Development

                      Each Individual has been given special talent and interests unique to his own personality, tapping and nurturing those talents and interest of work results in an ideal career. To cater to this immensely important need we arrange Career Planning Workshops mainly for University and College students. Planning your Career for Success is one of the most important actions for a fulfilling and thriving work life. In these workshops Career Specialists present the very best tips and tools in choosing and adopting the most appropriate career for an individual.

3)        Employability Skills

                      Finding the ideal job after choosing the right career and studying the most appropriate degree is not a cakewalk. There are tools and techniques on finding the right job, from preparing resumes to sending a thank you letter after the interview which paves the way for an individual to get the all important job. Not only finding the first job is important but for an evolving and thriving career it is extremely important to keep abreast of the current trends in the industry and keep developing your skills for preparing resumes and giving interviews according to the latest trends. Workshops at Headway will be focusing these areas of learning of the Pakistani Workforce.

4)        Meet the Expert Program

          Time and Costs are increasingly becoming the greatest assets one has and also the greatest challenge these days. Headway is offering a unique program of “Meet the Expert”. The format of this program is such that it allows professionals to grab as much knowledge, skills and expertise in a bare minimum time period of two to three hours. An expert will be called in for the program belonging to a specific field may it by Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing or any other field who will be giving a small speech or presentation of about 20 minutes. The floor will then be open to individuals of that particular field who will be asking questions to the expert and sharing practical, on the floor problems. We believe that this is a unique way towards enhanced learning and practical problem solving in a minimum time period as well as reduced costs up to 1/4th of a full day Training Program.

5)        Training for Professionals

          This learning Unit is focusing purely on Professional Training. The Professional Training section will cater to the needs of Professionals only, here the word Professional implies to those people who belong to a certain profession like Teaching, Medicine, Law etc. These Trainings will be done only by those belonging to the Profession

6)        Executive English

          There is no doubt that English is the language of correspondence and communication in this world. If you are not familiar with English you are almost illiterate. It is the language of the business world it is proven that those who are good at English fly the corporate ladder more quickly. We will be offering courses mainly divided into two major sections i.e. Spoken and Written English. Just go through the Events Calendar on the website to see upcoming courses.

Trainers’ on the Panel

n        Mobeen Tejani – CEO, Headway / Freelance Trainer

n        M Yousuf Khan – Freelance Trainer

n        Rashida Valika – Student Advisor / Associate Professor, Szabist

n        Parvez Rahim – Employee Relations Specialist – Aga Khan University Hospital

n        Nizar Noor Ali – Head of Business Development, Surfactants Chemicals

n        Saqib Mansoor – Senior HR Manager, TPS

n        Raza Abbas – Freelance Trainer

n        Zeeshan Lakhpaty – Freelance Trainer

n        Imran Azeem – Manager Training and Monitoring Shell Tameer

Trainers’ Profiles are available on our website, Trainers’ Profile section

List of Training Programs

Below is the list of few of the Training programs from the list of many we can offer through our Trainers.

1)                    Communication Skills

2)                    Presentation Skills

3)                    Time Management

4)                    Motivation

5)                    Stress Management

6)                    Managing your Boss

7)                    Executive English

8)                    Skills of Performance

9)                    Winning through Customer Service

10)                Selling made Easy

11)                Negotiation Skills

12)                Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Line Managers

13)                Entrepreneurship

14)                Employability Skills

15)                Unleash your mind potential

Training Methodology:


Following methodology will be used in completion of the Program:

1)                   Training Manual

A Training Manual will be prepared by the trainer which will be the guideline and source of the entire training program

2)                   Appropriate Teaching Methods

Didactic, interactive and psychometric tools of training will be used throughout the entire training program

3)                   Teaching Aids and Handouts

Slide presentations, audio visual aids, worksheet assignments and other handouts will be used during the entire program

4)                   Active Learning Exercises

As per requirement, active learning exercises will be carried out. This includes role plays, group discussions, brainstorming, skills practice etc