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Hosh  is non profit and non political organization registered under social welfare act 1961 for the welfare of vulnerable community of Pakistan





HOSH is a nonprofit and non political organization established in 2006 and registered under the social welfare act 1861 in 2010. A group of young people of Pakistan registered the organization to contribute in development of Pakistan and work for the marginalized and neglected community of Pakistan. As the Pakistan is facing militancy and it was observed by various think tanks that areas of Pakistan are the hideouts of the militants and they easily brain wash the young people of area and involved them in anti state activities easily, therefore organization has aim to address the needs of community and bring awareness through formal education system among the youth of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


VISION:We envisage a society sharing happiness, peace and harmony, a Society understating its own economic, social and environmental problems, society equipped with appropriate technology and able to organize and put integrated efforts for its needs


MISSION:To facilitate an understanding of social economic and physical problems thus enabling the society to organize itself and struggle for its needs


Goals: is enhanced ability in the target communities to tackle their own economic, social and environmental problems for sustainable community development.



*      Disaster Management, Serving from emergency to rehabilitation

*      Village community empowerment (good governance)

*      Improved health, and availability of safe and sustainable water

*      Improved access to education and bring girls education awareness among the target society

*      Defend rights of marginalized and deprived groups and create awareness of human rights

*      Improved attitudes towards environmental protection

*      Increased household income and economic activities

*      Protect the women and children from HIV/AIDs through awareness and precautionary measurements


Strategy:We entering a village, organization begin with a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). The PRA is used as communication tool allowing organization to understand the village issues as well as a means by which the villagers themselves can develop Community Action Plan. The focal point is the mobilization of all different interested groups in the village resulting in a consensus on a way forward. In case of any emergency, men made disaster of natural disaster such groups can be utilized to access the affected community and these groups can further be trained to help as existing structure for future needs.


This approach assists communities in developing their capacities for managing and maintaining projects,



v  Intervention is rural communities where a big proportion of the population is vulnerable.

v  Interventions utilizing existing local structures from sub-village to district level.

v  Use of participatory methods and approaches in all areas of intervention.

v  Promote gender equality in al development interventions


Values guiding our work:

Trust                     ensuring transparency at all levels of our work

Proficiency           providing creative expertise and strong commitment

Solidarity             within our NGO and with the people we aim to support

Justice                           within our NGO as well as in society

Integrity               to act according to the values we wish to promote

Flexibility             showing our willingness to change and learn



Community Development:

Organization observes the significance of capacity building of the community i.e. institutional building, training and development of relevant local capacities in efforts to combat poverty.

Traditional development planning has too often been top-down but SEMA turns this approach upside down. Organization promotes active participation of local populace and uses PRA techniques in:

Problems analysis

• Project planning

Project implementation

Project monitoring and evaluation


Previous Experience: Organization worked with national and international organizations

ü  Conducted survey in Camps of Internally Displaced Persons for Benazir Income Support Program. The project was granted by the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) for six months.

ü  Flood Relief: Provided Shelter and Food Items among the 1000 flood affected communities of Charsada and Nowshera Districts. The project was granted by the International Development and Relief Organization (IDRO) Canada

ü  Established 10 medical camps for the flood affected communities of Charsada and Nowshera Districts with the financial support of Pakistan Pharma Association (PPA). It was joint venture of Pakistan Medical Association, Organization and PPA.

ü  Currently organization is working on the Community Based Infrastructure and Restoration of Livehood of flood affected Communities of KPK- Organization has submitted project proposal to national and international funding agencies

ü  Women Empowerment project was implemented in Mardan District and catered 3000 women through different trainings and created awareness among the target progress.


General Body

Executive Body

Executive Director


Project Officer      Project Officer      Project Officer                      Project Officer      Project Officer

                    {Livelihood}              {CBI}                     {Health}                                {Education}      {Emergency Relief}


                                                                                                Admin & Finance Officer


                                                                                Support Staff (Peon, Security Guards etc…)


Future Plans

*       Early Recovery and Restoration

*       Assistance for the PDMA

*       Health, Education and Livelihood Development

*       Human Rights and Gender Equality