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Hyphen Media Institute (Malawi-Africa)
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The strategic goal of Hyphen Media Institute is to empower the poor, vulnerable and marginalized communities to address poverty and other social concerns that bring human suffering thereby contributing to national and global development.

Description: Hyphen Media Institute commits itself to the transformation agenda of the Malawian situation and will contribute toward this at every opportunity as such it longs to see a Malawian society where communities are empowered to address their own development needs through active participation and access to information that will enable them make informed choices and opinions in their day to day lives

Hyphen Media Institute exists to empower the poor, vulnerable and marginalized communities to address livelihood insecurity, illiteracy, poor sanitation, environmental health and governance issues through provision to the Malawian society and the international community access to correct information, media facilities, and services for the benefit of the public and private sectors, with particular attention to the needs of the local communities. 

In our work, Hyphen Media Institute will be guided by the following values:
1.Integrity –Living what we preach
2.Transparency and accountability - being open and accountable to stakeholders, the communities that we serve and ourselves.
3.Professionalism- Adherence to ethical conduct in the discharge of our day to day duties
4.Objectivity – ensuring that messages send home the intended impact
5.Accuracy – Ensuring messages reflect needs of targeted audience

Charles Mkula
Projects Coordinator
Hyphen Media Institute
P.O. Box 30337
Capital City
Lilongwe 3