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Journalist Organization of Pakistan





Programme Summary 

This non-profit, non-political organization is committed to the welfare of Pakistan 's journalists and to freedom of expression in print and electronic media within Pakistan . Operating with a rights-based focus, the Journalist Organization of Pakistan (JOP) carries out development projects, research, and documentation, and provides training, guidance, and security to working journalists. The objective of JOP is to strengthen the skills of the press and to advance press freedom in Pakistan

Communication Strategies 

Acknowledging the lack of organized professional journalism training in Pakistan , JOP provides training to journalists so that they may skillfully communicate about challenges presented by rapidly changing circumstances in the country and around the globe. Workshops, seminars, and special training programmes held on various topics in different cities of the country feature national and international guest speakers who share their knowledge and experience with young journalists. A core focus is on creating awareness amongst journalists about issues like freedom of expression, justice, interfaith harmony, terrorism, democracy, gender discrimination, environmental journalism (global warming, alternative energy methods, etc.), health journalism (HIV, etc.), and modern farming techniques (drip irrigation and sprinkler systems, etc.). In particular, JOP is committed to providing training to journalists in remote/rural areas of the country by updating their knowledge and skills with regard to regional journalism, regional reporting, features, column writing, and investigating reporting. JOP helps rural journalists learn about their rights, and strategies about how to protect them if violated. JOP also reaches out to the public, as well - a media campaign is designed to stress the value of journalism in "eradicating the menace of corruption and other evils in the society." 

JOP is committed to the welfare, dignity, and independence of all journalists, regardless of caste, creed, colour, gender, faith, region, or religion. To that end, trainings focus on enhancing journalists' sense of responsibility to support the development of a democratic society. Advocacy is one approach JOP uses to express its belief in the power of journalism to create a better society. JOP regularly conveys its concerns to the relevant higher authorities in the government, and keeps international journalist forums informed about the problems and difficulties that Pakistani journalists face. The organization proposes a better and healthier image of Pakistan as a tolerant, peace-loving, and moderate Islamic Welfare State - contributing toward this vision through research, interaction, dialogues, and publications that promote harmony between different religions and cultures. For instance, JOP gathers basic information about the members of the profession, the impact of technological developments, industrial relations, and related matters in order to establish a data bank: a compilation of the case laws and handbooks on various issues having a bearing on professional work. 

JOP is committed to protecting the basic rights of working journalists, including their job security and safe working environments for freedom of expression. To that end, JOP works to provide justice to journalists whose rights have been violated (e.g., who have been harassed or pressured to stay silent on certain issues) by highlighting the revengeful behavior of government agencies, the police, newspaper owners, etc. This involves providing free legal assistance and guidance to the journalists, who have been victimized, as well as highlighting these issues in the news and contacting the concerned authorities for immediate action against the culprits. JOP raises its voice for the protection of rights of journalists on an international level, keeping a regular watch on the correct implementation of various laws. To support this aim, JOP maintains a continuous liaison with international journalist organizations and associations on the research and development of issues benefiting the rights and welfare of Pakistani journalists. JOP also addresses journalists' doubts, concerns, and grievances regarding violations of the standards laid down by the government's National Wage Board. 

JOP is working to establish schools of journalism in all the provincial capitals of Pakistan . It is hoped that these schools will gradually develop into full-fledged training-cum-research institutes with modern multimedia facilities. With an emphasis on practical training, the schools will be designed to help raise the professional standards of journalism in Pakistan - particularly amongst those working in rural areas. 

Development Issues 

Media Development, Freedom of Expression. 

Key Points 

JOP emerged from the vision of journalist Rehan Zameer (Late), who -along with his colleagues- created a platform for freedom of expression and protection of rights called Pakistan Journalist Council (PJC). Established in 2000, PJC had a mission of improving the working condition of journalists in Pakistan and facilitating better journalism by creating awareness among them. 478 members joined PJC and, after a lapse, joined together in 2005 with a new name: JOP. 


Rizwan Zamir 



Dr. Shujaat Hamid 

General Secretary 


Journalist Organization of Pakistan (JOP) 

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