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Masoom Rights Development Society (MRDS)  

[] for provision of social services in the field of health, education and []  to the poor and deprived communities; 

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Masoom Rights Development Society (MRDS) is an independent registered non-government and non-profit  civil society organization. MRDS prime motto is to build capacity and services delivery for the deprived and marginalized people.

MRDS emerged into the development sector with an enthusiasm to support and serve the underprivileged focusing the fields like Basic Human Rights, including Child & Women Rights, Primary Health Care, Health n’ Hygiene, Education, Drugs,  Gender Equality, Relief & Rehabilitation and Environment, etc.

Formation process of MRDS was initiated in 1999, but during 2001 MRDS was registered under the Society Act 1860, when a group of educated, dynamic youth got together to establish an NGO with an aim to addressed the pressing needs of the people of Balochistan. This group had a long experience of working in the development related activities and was either directly or indirectly associated with local or  International organizations. Keeping in mind the absence of enabling policies and prevailing issues, the group concluded that unless the efficiency of the human resource especially women and prime targeted communities are not improved and mobilized real benefit of development will not nurture in the society. 


House # 143/103 – C,  Jinnah Town, Quetta, Balochistan – Pakistan.
Tel #: 081-2828918, 081-2010188: Fax: 081-2828918