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Mercy Hands-PAKISTAN 


Address/Contact Details: Near DHQ Hospital, Timergara, District Dir Lower, NWFP-Pakistan

Contact No. +92-945-621550, +92-346-8002700


Focal Person: Syed Inam-ul-haq 

Mission Statement: Bring together all the communities for the best utilization of available resources. 


  • To ensure the qualitative & quantitative education.
  • To provide the basic health facilities to the people.
  • To work on hygiene education to aware the people about the hazardous diseases & their effects on their health.
  • To work on water & sanitation in order to ensure the access of the people to safe drinking water & to discourage open defecation to stop diarrhea  and to contribute to the environmental cleanliness.
  • To work on wild life conservation i.e. to preserve the old species (birds/animals) and introduce the new ones in the locality.
  • To protect the rights of all human beings especially children & women.
  • To ensure sustainable by utilization of natural resources as well as community participation.
  • To manage the risk disaster & emergencies.
  • To work on social & political problems.
  • To work on paralyzed and handicapped people to make them able to live a dignified life.
  • To work on women-folk to equip them with various skills to make them self-reliance in the decision-making process.
  • To contribute to the millennium development goals (MDGs).
  • To work on various campaign i.e. Polio, family-planning, human-trafficking.


  • Plantation
  • Conduct Sports Activities
  • Help the IDPs of Maidan etc.