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Public Development Forum (PDF) Profile-Pakistan

Full Name:  Public Development Forum Sahiwal Distt. Sargodha

Legal Status: Registered under the voluntary welfare agency

                    (Registration and contract ordinance 1961)

Registration No: DOSW (sgd) 2005-50

Address: Ahli Kamboh P/.O Nehang Tehsil Sahiwal District Sargodha

Contact Person: Ehsan Ullah Kamboh

Cell No: 0300-6007711 Email: , 


Public Development Forum holds belief of standing with one concept as whole empowering people in healthy environment for equity, equality and social change with out any discrimination.


Our mission empowering marginalized communities in a support of humanitarian institutions where possible approaches for women peasants, children and vulnerable groups can undertaken to sustain standards of life for integrity and main stream; 

We Believe:

We believe human social and economical development is the basic part of every society where every individual perceive self knowledge for the cause of social change.


a)       Reducing discrimination promoting equality and strengthen capacity of marginalized groups to assert their rights.

b)       Provide education, health and agricultural support in community.

c)       Supporting women development in the rural areas and discouraging gender discrimination through concentrated efforts of public awareness.

d)       Promoting peace through interfaith dialogue.

e)       Try to attitudinal change in community.

f)         Promote volunteerism and build capacity of volunteers, social workers, youth, stake holders, Govt. and private servants, Labour through advocacy.

g)       Promote skill development for alleviation of poverty.

h)       Build coordination between public, private, social sectors and community.

i)         PDF aims to uplift socio economic conditions of people by motivating them to utilize their resources, strengths, capabilities through self help initiatives.

j)         It also aims to resolve the problems faced by poverty stricken people through community development activities.

k)       To improve the economic and social status of community of the targeted area.

l)         Help Govt. and public sectors to achieve MDGs

m)     SKILL development Center for women ( Gender Empowerment)

n)       Trainings for capacity building

o)       Work for Human Rights such as violence against women, child Labour etc.

p)       Try to improve environment

q)       Primary health care ( Awareness campaign against fatal diseases,Mcn and population welfare)

r)        To empower the women in decision making.


Areas of Interest:

Education, Health, Women and youth development, Advocacy, Environment, Human Rights, Capacity Building, Poverty Alleviation. Gender.


Previous Project/Activities during last 3 years:






Source/Amount (Rs.)

Achievement (s)



Mother Care Health Center Nehang


PDF’s Members initiative

50 Poor patients were treated



Population welfare Center Sahiwal


PDF’s Members initiative

312 patient were treated



Plantation and Sanitation Week.


PDF’s Members initiative

30,000 plants were planted and sanitation campaign at 10 villages.



Enrollment Campaign at Primary Schools



Enrollment campaign at 14 UCs of Tehsil Sahiwal included Posters, banners, enrollment walks.



Child Labor



Awareness of Killen workers for 6 UCs of Tehsil Sahiwal



Aman (Peace) Saminar


PDF’s Members initiative

300 people of Tehsil Sahiwal were participated



Youth Development Activity


PDF’s Members initiative

Two Tournaments of volley ball and cricket were arranged. 



Help to IDPs of Swat



Food Items and cloths were sent to IDPs Camps.



Awareness campaign against HIV AIDS ,polio ,hepatitis and TB


Self contribution/ health department /

30000 people


Networking and Linkages:

PDF practically working in the district Sargodha Punjab but its networking is with various national and international NGOs and provincial and National public institutes. It actively participates in all levels of development activities such as workshops/seminars, training events, organized by various organizations and institutes. It participates in the programs of NGOs, district and provincial coordination council whether it is at district, provincial level, and national level or international. This learning process is extremely beneficial and always encouraged PDF’s strengthen. 

Library= library contain news letters, magazines, annual reports published different organizations. References/websites are also obtained through on internet.

Photo album Photographs of activities are collected and maintained for record and information. 

Extended partners.

Non Govt organizations.

  1. District coordination council Sargodha

  2. Tahang waseb organization

  3. Aurat foundation.

  4. Spdno.

  5. Ngo club.

  6. Ngo network Shah Pur

  7. Tahang waseeb

  8. NCJP

  9. Sangat Pakistan

  10. SPDNO

  11. Kissan Dost group

  12. Kissan Bachao Tahreek


  1. TVO


  3. PNAC


  5. Spo

  6. UNDP

  7. Shaker Gang social action Programme

Governmental organizations

  1. Pakistan baitul mal

  2. Ministry of women development Pakistan

  3. NCHD

  4. Population welfare department

  5. Scialwelfare department

  6. Ministry of youth affairs Pakistan

  7. EPA

  8. Nation council for social welfare

  9. NEF

  10. TB DOT

Certificates of Performance

  • Certificate of merit by District coordination council for best social services.

  • Special Shield awarded by Tahang waseeb Tanzeem from Brian de hunt American Consulate.

  • Certificate of appreciation for best Social services by Deputy District Social welfare officer Tehsil Shah Pur.

  • Special Shield awarded by Ministry of Human right from Prime Minister of Pakistan Sayed Yousaf raza Gillini for out standing Human right services in District Sargodha.

Monitoring and evolution.

M & E is necessary to measure the program performance and effectiveness. PDF has well established monitoring and evolution system, which supports all projects programs in their data collection, Data management and information generation. In addition through the supportive supervisory  mechanism at all program level, keep the communication of information and feedback mechanism more effective. This information used to review the progress to take timely decisions regarding the modification in project implementation and future planning.