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Rural Development Organization (RDO) Buner

To create linkages between different stakeholders including development organizations (private & public) for  sustainable development.

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Rural Development organization (RDO) is a Non Governmental Organization registered under voluntary  social welfare   Act 1961 (Reg. No DSWNWFP2627). The organization since its establishment in 1993, works for the “Establishment of prosperous society based on the principles of social justice equity & equality”. This aim is achieved
with the close collaboration of partner communities and development organizations through a participatory, demand responsive, gender and poverty sensitive integrated development approach in Buner North-West Frontier Province. RDO interventions mainly focus on achievements in domains/program areas including, Human & Institutional Development, Education, Primary/Reproductive [], HRs and advocacy .women empowerment.  &  environmental sanitation, Relief for IDPs

Address: Torgat Karapa Teh & P.O Daggar Buner

Phone: 0939.423147:Mob. 03339697173 ,