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Rural Development Project-PAKISTAN
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 “A just and democratic society based on the principles of equality, fairness, justice and interdependence.” 

Description: RDP was established in 1992 by a set of highly motivated, socially committed and like-minded individuals. It was formally registered with societies Act of 1860 in December 1993 as a non-government and non-profit organization. In the face of prevailing feudal political structure and traditional mindset peoples were feeling straitjacketed and a collective voice in terms of organized collective forum was need of the hour. Establishment of RDP was a long awaited desire and realization of the people of the Hazara to address the issue of Human Rights and it emerged as a catalyst in mobilizing and organizing the rural people for asserting their basic rights to expression, participation in politics and availing a rightful way to justice.

RDP started its activities in 1992 on mutual help basis by mobilizing and organizing the masses for bringing about a change in the status quo environment of political exploitation, gender-Discrimination and violation of children and women rights.

Currently RDP is a national level advocacy and development organization working in two districts named Haripur and Mansehra. With its head office in Mansehra, RDP is implementing a long term multi-sectoral program of livelihoods rehabilitation. In future organization intends to further expand its operations in Siran, Kagan and Muzafarabad valleys. After the recent ARMY operatons, RDP implemented Emergency response project to support IDPs families in Hazara Division. An Integrated Livelihoods recovery project is underway in District Buner.

Address: C1176 Sikandar Pur Road Haripur Pakistan. 0995-615502