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The National Foundation-Pakistan 

Address: 26-A Civil Line Khanewal

Year of establishment:

     “Started work in 1997 and registered in 2001.”

 Geographical Areas of Operations:

    “Whole Punjab”

Focal person:Rao Muhammad Arif    (President)
83-X People’s Colony, Khanewal

MISSION:    “We are striving for social development”

 Main Objectives of NGO:

1.      Women Development
2.      Promotion of education
3.      Eradication of environment pollution
4.      Promotion of health
5.      Poverty alleviation
6.     Capacity building

        Organizational Profile:



NGO Name

The National Foundation



Address of NGO

83-X People’s Colony, Khanewal, Tehsil and District  Khanewal


Tel No.



Mobile No.



NGO Bank Account

3561-7 The Bank of Punjab Khanewal


Year of Registration



Registration act/ordinance

Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies(Registration & Control) Ordinance 1961








The NGO is working to educate and convince the people that they should send their offspring to school. NGO has been projecting the philosophy of the education for the people because the education is first and foremost requirement of the human being and it is the right of the children when they blooming the world. it is the duty of the parent as well as NGO, CBOs, community Leaders Representatives of Democracy and those people who have pain in their heart for the Sons of Hazrat Adam (God me be pleased with him) and Hazrat Eve(May God be please with her)

If no one would take step to elevate the system of education and thinking power of the gray matter of the people who will think about it

NGO has launched a campaign to project the idea before parents’ landlord, owners of various kinds of shops and hotels that “A child employed is a future destroyed”





In rural area of the backward District i.e. Khanewal, the people are unaware about the women association in the solution of the problems being faced by the community. It is the height of the stupidity that women are not allowed to go out as a student but they are allowed to have graze sheep and work in the agri field only and lonely. Although t here is pin drop salience in the moors yet they are in the hedge of cruelty. According to the theme of society behaviorism, Women are just like puppets in the hand of man and they does not like women’s influence in reconstruction and remodeling the society TNF has also the campaign to educate the women to save their rights for the future planning and management. TNF has also taken step to promote their skilled capabilities so that they would be able to earn their living and stand on their own feet to solve the economical/financial/social problem and to meet other problems of lift.




Increase of population is swallowing the source of humanity as sweet morsel. TNF has playing a vital role to educate the people about harmful and dangerous consequences of over population. TNF has established a family planning center where both women and man are being provided awareness and method to control the population i.e. contraceptives. The gynecologist is providing consultancy to women regarding their general health problems. NGO has been programming to arrange seminars, workshops and camps for same propose. We have made net work consist of ten member NGO for mutual cooperation regarding the blood grouping, blood collection and provision of medicine to facilitated during the year

Free Eyes and medical camps are being arranged on quarterly basis where amount 1200 peoples facilitated during the year




TNF is striving to establish a core of active volunteers in the region to ensure community participation in development activities.




Promotion of education and its environment is one major objective of the TNF. At present one Elementary school providing quality education are working in very backward rural area Chak No./80/10R (Perwol and in Civil line Khanewal. 20-Adult literacy centers for women working in rural area of district Khanewal


Following are on going project to be offered as par annual plane of the foundation.

·         Human   Institutional Development Program

·         Capacity building of 8 civil society Organizations.

·         Training of teachers and elected representatives.



TNF always arrange he walks, seminars, discussions ad other awareness sessions regarding the celebrations of national and international days like; 

·         World health day

·         International volunteers day

·         Literacy day

·         Salaam teacher day

·         Environmental day

·         International women day

·         Labor day

·         Pakistan day 



A Mass Marriage ceremony was arranged where 21 couples got married and bower was given to all brides. Zila Nazim and District Administration and other notables also attend ceremony. 

Summary of Projects:




Project Name

Operational Area

Funding Source

Present Status


Educational consultancy

Tehsil Kabirwala





Supervision of Literacy Schools

Tehsil Khanewal and Mian Channu

Literacy Department Khanewal



21 Marriages of poor Girls

Tehasil Khanewal

Local Donors



CBT Training


Punjab Education Foundation



SLDP Trainings


Punjab Education Foundation



Better Environment Best life


Govt of Punjab

Environment Protection Department


 Experience in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion

 TNF take over the responsibility of rehabilitation f a water supply scheme which as not in working condition since last many years located in Chak No. 80/10-R district Khanewal in 2001. TNF established an administrative committee of the village people for this purpose and guided and supported the for he proper working, maintenance ad sustainability of this scheme.

An awareness campaign was also carried out here for the promotion of hygiene and other health issues. Duration of the project was 2001-2006.