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WRITER HANDS was established in 1996 and registered with
government of Pakistan. The main objective of this organization is to raise
awareness regarding different social issues (Basic Rights, Facilities,
Welfare and amenities to the people, including Drug Addicts, and in field of
Basic Health / Education Facilities, Child Protection, Women Development,
Sanitation, Water Supply, Environmental Protection Emergency Incident
and Rehabilitation and Fighting against
Violation of Human Rights) in the masses through print and electronic media,
so that the issues highlighted can be comprehended by people from every walk
of life as well as layman.

WRITER HANDS a  welfare Organization comprising of poets, writers,
journalist, lecturers, lawyers and students free of all kind of atrocities,
discrimination, racism and political commitments.

WRITER HANDS has implemented many projects regarding different issues in
NWFP especially District Mardan with the technical and financial support of
different Donor agencies/Government and some of the projects are still in
progress. In a very short time WRITER HANDS gained considerable achievement
in social development sector.

WRITER HANDS is trying to do more for the poor and vulnerable people of the
area with your valuable cooperation.  WRITER HANDS will be honored to share
ideas and experiences with your organization for the welfare of the society,
for which we will like to stay in touch with you.
Muhammad Zaman Adil

Peshawar Office:
Office No 6/29 Bilor Plaza Peshawar Cantt: NWFP Pakistan
Cell: + 92 313-7771474
Ph:  +  92 91-5509559