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Self Help Intitiatives Taken by The NGO World Team Alongwith Partner Organizations and Volunteers


Two Years Achievements:

Since 2011 our beneficiaries list has crossed 300,000.

TNW  was launched by responding devastating floods 2010 in Pakistan and supported the victims with relief items, food, WASH facilities, rehabilitation of schools, revival of livelihood, shelter and won appreciation at all levels. As a step forward it has started working on regular programs; poverty alleviation, educational support and youth leadership development.



The NGO World  has launched  PROFESSIONALS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM as self help initiative. The purpose of the program is to enhance the professional skills of the target people (especially Local NGO’s Officials) and groom them as true professionals.    


This package is designed to provide young people with professional trainings in, 


1.      Spoken English  

2.      Communication & Presentation Skills  

3.      Public Speaking and Negotiation skills  

4.      Technical Writing Skills  

5.      Leadership & Management Skills  

6.      NGO Management Skills  

7.      Proposal Writing Skills  

8.      Volunteerism for Community Development  

9.      Project Management   

10.    Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting skills  

11.    Time Management  

12.    Networking  


Other related skills may be included on demand of the participants.  

The goal is to produce more young leaders in development sector and to help these people to achieve their full potential by advancing to the top ranks in their profession.  

TARGET GROUP of this program is equally important for students, employees, NGO workers & managers, project managers and volunteers.

WHY  SOUTH PUNJAB : Initially this program is being implemented in district Khanewal but will be replicated in other 14 districts of south Punjab  region as well.   

South Punjab is a neglected region in all aspects. People of the region are kept away from all important opportunities which are available to the residents of big cities like Islamabad , Lahore , Karachi , Rawalpindi etc.  

Professional skills training opportunities are limited to these cities. It is unaffordable for the people ofSouth Punjab to travel for the learning purpose and bear expenses like traveling, residence and heavy fees.  

To meet this crucial need and fill the gap The NGO World has launched this campaign.  



Promotion of Biosand Water Filter (Safe Water for Better Health) 


Lack of attention to water, sanitation and hygiene issues is the single major source of backwardness of the developing world. Poor drinking water quality, quantity, sanitation and hygienic conditions cause illness, loss of working hours and treatment expenses reduce and consume our low income.

Worms and helminthes in our digestive track due to contaminated water is a strong competitor of scarce food that we happen to eat. Wastage of time in collecting water from distances keeps women, girls and children away from home giving rise to several problems including poor family contact and illiteracy.  

  1. In Pakistan, the vast majority of the country's 135 million inhabitants do not have access to drinkable water. 
  2. 50% beds of hospitals are occupied by the patients affected by unsafe drinking water. (WHO).
  3. "Water and sanitation-related diseases are responsible for 60 percent of the total number of child mortality cases in Pakistan,“ (USAID)
  4. In Pakistan, according to an expert, 40 per cent of the population is using improved sanitation facilities. 

Safe Drinking Water and Hygiene Promotion Project provides technical assistance in hygiene, sanitation promotion, community mobilization, capacity building and promotion of Biosand Water Filter technology as solution of unsafe drinking water. 


The NGO World along with its partner organization (Welfare Agency for Socio Economic Betterment-WASEB) manage various awareness sessions, training workshops and seminars to highlight the issue and suggest solutions on this important factor.







Biosand Water Filter Technology, Benefits and Services




Bio-energy (Biogas) 


About 2.5 billion people in developing countries are increasingly facing problems with energy supply. Their access to traditional cooking fuels such as wood, agricultural waste, dried dung and charcoal is declining, while commercial fuels are too expensive and their availability unreliable. In Pakistan, biogas technology has been tried with some success but has yet to be widely adopted. Current dissemination programs largely have a piloting character and commercial promotion is not yet taking place, despite a large potential of about 5 million digesters for the country. 

The NGO World facilitate the community and provide expertise for site surveying, designing of the biogas plant as per client’s needs, its installation and plant. 





ICT for Development 


Communication and networking enabled by information and communication technologies (ICTs) are proving in other related ways to be economically, socially, and politically transformative. Internationally, the spread and appropriation of ICTs has been a key dimension of globalization, urging societies to build communications systems and manage them well, develop infrastructure and the capacity to use it, and implement good policy and regulation.  

The NGO World along with partners (PSA) is trying to extend the benefits of Information Technology and Telecom (ICT) to the door steps of population of Pakistan for uplifting their social, educational, health care and economic infrastructure through use of available resources and information.



Volunteerism for Community Betterment 


The NGO World and GEO-PAK volunteers are motivated to willingly offer their services, in a professional manner and regardless of remuneration, in order to make a contribution to our community.  



Child Protection 


The NGO World is working to educate and convince the people that they should send their offspring to school. NGO has been projecting the philosophy of the education for the people because the education is first and foremost requirement of the human being and it is the right of the children when they blooming the world. It is the duty of the parent as well as NGO, CBOs, community Leaders Representatives of Democracy, volunteers and those people who have pain in their heart for the Sons of Hazrat Adam (God me be pleased with him).                                                                 


Women Empowerment 


In rural area of Pakistan the people are unaware about the women association in the solution of the problems being faced by the community.  


It is the height of the stupidity that women are not allowed to go out as a student but they are allowed to have graze sheep and work in the agri field only and lonely. Although there is pin drop salience in the moors yet they are in the hedge of cruelty. According to the theme of society behaviorism, Women are just like puppets in the hand of man and they does not like women’s influence in reconstruction and remodeling the society. The NGO World along and partner organization (Roshni Development Organization) has also the campaign to educate the women to save their rights for the future planning and management.



Youth Development for Better Future 


Youth plays a very pivotal role in the building up of the nation. The entire success of the nation depends on the youth over there. In general it has been seen that in countries where the youth are more agile and pays their proper contribution towards their nation ( in the form of getting complete and proper knowledge in all areas) they are more developed. But its also the responsibility of the government to provide the youth proper facilities for getting equipped with the knowledge of modern era.  


The Millennium Development Goals (MDG’S) are a set of eight inter-connected development goals that 189 member states of the UN have committed to achieve by 2015. Simply put, the MDGs focus the efforts of the world community on achieving significant, measurable improvements in people’s lives by addressing poverty in all its dimensions. Pakistan has committed itself to work towards achieving the eight global MDG’S by 2015. 


The NGO World aims to engage youth in the development of the country and provide an important platform for youth to ensure that Pakistan’s MDG targets are being met. 



Deserving Students Support for Oppressed Families Uplift 


The NGO World with the support of Philanthropists aims to support the deserving students as we believe; the education is only source to initiate the process of change and betterment. The efforts are being made to uplift the oppressed families by promoting and supporting their students as change agents. 





The NGO World and its partner NGOs and professionals have taken the steps on self help basis. To expand these useful programs to other districts and communities we are looking towards all concerned stakeholder (NGOs, Individual professionals and volunteers).   


On the same time donor agencies are also invited to take interest in these initiatives. They should own these initiatives and make them effective & efficient by their support.  





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