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KCDR resolved a case pending since 4 years in the High Court of Sindh through 12 hours of mediation

The cases arose out of a dispute between two parties. One party based in Dubai, deals in trading commodities across the globe. The other party, a private limited company based in Karachi, Pakistan was also a trading concern. Around 5 years back, both parties entered into an agreement to export goods from Pakistan. After a couple of initial shipments that went as agreed, problems arose around the timings and other logistic arrangements for shipping the goods. Both parties blamed each other for non-performance of the agreement and loss of revenues, profits and reputation. Both the parties sued each other in the High Court of Sindh for US $ 13 million in claim and counter claim suits for losses and damages.

Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution (KCDR) helped resolve both cases that had been a cause of litigation between the two for the last four years. A KCDR registered mediator facilitated the parties to reach settlement in two sessions of mediation lasting 12 hours. The settlement has been filed in the High Court of Sindh and cases disposed of on the agreed terms. Such cases typically take 8 – 10 years of litigation before a final verdict is